To qualify for an award, applicants must serve in a significant leadership and coordination role in asthma care and service-delivery in their communities. All applicants must demonstrate and describe their contributions and the contributions of key partners to coordinating and delivering comprehensive asthma care and services, and how their role is vital to the delivery of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Expert Panel Report (EPR) 3 Guidelines–based asthma care across their community asthma care system.

The key to winning the award is to demonstrate that your organization’s leadership has helped to build a community asthma care system that—

  • Includes a robust environmental component;
  • Embodies the key drivers of program effectiveness—as described in the Change Package;
  • Promotes the integration of NIH EPR-3 Guidelines throughout the continuum of care; and
  • Achieves positive health and financial outcomes.

If you have questions about your program's eligibility, please contact EPALeadershipAwards@AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org.


Please note that past award winners, federal agencies, national non-profits and programs located outside of the United States are not eligible to apply. In the event that the submitted applications do not adequately address the Application Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria, the U.S. EPA reserves the right to not give out an Award.