Apply By Mail

We strongly encourage you to consider applying online. It is quick, easy and secure. However, if you prefer to mail your application, you can download a copy to complete and send by mail. Please follow the five steps below if applying by mail.

Note: Please do not mix-and-match your application and attachments between online and paper submission. Either submit the application and all supplementary materials online, or submit them all by mail.

Step 1. Send an email.

If you have decided to submit an application by mail—or are considering submitting by mail—please send an e-mail to providing a contact name and email address. This step is important for our tracking purposes and helps to inform us of how many applications we will be receiving by mail. EPA will acknowledge receipt of application materials to this email address.

Step 2. Prepare your application.

Download the application here. The application form includes a cover page. Please do not submit a separate cover letter. When completing your application, please reference the Application Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria.

Step 3. Review the application.

Review your application to verify that it is complete and includes—

  • Cover page, which is included in the application form, available for download above.
  • Complete responses to three application sections, not exceeding 5,000 words total or 10 pages, single spaced.
  • OPTIONAL: If you are including supplemental materials, please ensure that they are clearly referenced within application responses and are identified on the supplemental materials table. Supplemental materials must all be submitted as one document, not to exceed 5 pages. Any materials submitted must be capable of being copied without having to remove bindings or other fasteners.

Step 4. Save a copy of the complete application on a CD.

Make a CD that includes—

  • One PDF file of your application (including cover page, responses to the three sections, and supplemental materials table).
  • One electronic file of your supplemental materials.

Step 5. Mail the application.

Mail one unbound copy of the paper application, supplemental materials and CD. You may use an overnight courier to ensure prompt delivery. Address your application package to—

Asthma Awards Coordinator
The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc.
656 Quince Orchard Rd, Suite 210
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Phone: (301) 670-4990