Application Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria for Health Plans

Your application should address the three evaluation areas listed below and at the bottom of this page:

 Download the PDF of the Award Criteria for Health Plans

Each tab explains the relevant Application Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria and contains links to each area in the application. Use the left column (Application Guidelines) as a roadmap to writing your story, making sure to cover the items in the right column (Evaluation Criteria), which the review panelists will use to evaluate your application. The Evaluation Criteria column also includes examples, all of which are excerpts from applications of past Asthma Award winners.

Your responses to the three areas will be evaluated against criteria designed to discover and highlight national leaders. Be sure to include features of your program that are unique, innovative, creative or otherwise distinguish your program from others. You may receive up to 5 bonus points for distinguishing program features. Examples of distinguishing program features from past award applications are highlighted in the Evaluation Criteria.

You may collaborate with your partnering organizations on an application and you are encouraged to highlight key roles that these organizations play in delivering quality care (e.g., delivering clinical care services; providing school- or home-based interventions; or providing social services that allow people with asthma to focus on their asthma).

The key to winning the National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management is to demonstrate that your comprehensive asthma management program:

Area 1: Comprehensive Asthma Management Program Area 2: Getting Results – Evaluating the Program Area 3: Sustaining the Program