• Posted on: 14 December 2019
  • By: Man of Action

I think Covington will overtake Usman at the start of the duel. I don't want him to, but I think Usman is going to get carried away with his emotions and that he will have a hard time getting into his game plan at the start. If he manages to get through the storm at the start, the Nigerian will be able to come back to his strategy of departure, but I have the impression that Covington has managed to get him in the head and that Usman will just want him get through without following a game plan.

A man everyone loves to hate and who has done everything for it. Damon Martin's pen sums it up for MMA Fighting: "It's the human equivalent of a comment section under a YouTube video", a fighter cleavage because "agree that it is better to be hated than without importance ", capable of insulting a whole country or disrespecting the dead for better

Max Holloway will once again try to defend his featherweight title. Alexander Volkanovski cannot stay away, he must go inside. He absolutely must do what Frankie Edgar did not do in his last fight in July, when he bowed by unanimous decision. Volkanovski has to go inside, fight and work in ground and pound. He can't stand with Holloway. Conversely, the current champion must travel, work in volume, in and out as they say. That is, he should never stay at a distance from Volkanovski, but at his distance, and it is something in which the Hawaiian excels.