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Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that usually develops during childhood. It occurs when the airways in the lungs become inflamed (swollen) and constrict (become smaller), making breathing difficult.
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These CDC, EPA, HUD co-branded training materials were developed to accompany the co-branded Home Assessment Checklist. This training is intended to provide more detailed information about asthma triggers and to help guide home visitors to start a dialogue with the family that is tailored for the home to reduce environmental allergens, irritants and pollutants.
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Raise asthma awareness with this handy KS2 PowerPoint
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In any given classroom, at least two or three students are likely to have asthma. Clearing the Air: An Asthma Toolkit for Healthy Schools is a new toolkit containing sample policy language, best practices, and curated resources & tools to help schools create an asthma-friendly environment. This is a project of the MA Asthma Action Partnership, Health Resources in Action, and the MA DPH’s Asthma Prevention and Control Program.
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Asthma Management: A Priority for Schools
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Assess, then address — EPA just made it easy
IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit shows schools how to carry out a practical plan to improve indoor air problems at little- or no-cost using straightforward activities and in-house staff.
Supporting managed care organizations in California – and organizations working with those MCOs – in improving asthma management for MCO members through asthma home visiting services.
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