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The Signs Asthma Action Plan is intended for use with children age 5 and under. Using this four zone plan, parents will be able to tell a mild problem (high yellow zone) from a moderate problem (low yellow zone) and treat appropriately. The plan includes medicine dose and how often it should be taken.
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This easy-to-read guide will help people with asthma stay out of the emergency room, out of the hospital and as active as everyone else. It is an ideal guide for parents, patients and anyone who needs a quick asthma reference book. Accurate, clear, and illustrated with line drawings and charts, One Minute Asthma covers the basics of asthma and the medicines used to treat it. Readers will learn how
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This educational Bulletin is intended to provide key messages to people with asthma to help them understand and control the diseases. Messages include 1) have a regular doctor, 2) use the right medicines, 3) watch out for triggers, ) lead a healthy, active live. It's user friendly; bright and catchy with lots of pictures.
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The overall goal of the Resource Team is to improve indoor air quality in Connecticut schools, principally by implementing the Tools for Schools program in every Connecticut public school building. Our main objectives are to: a) develop and execute a more systematic outreach program to promote TfS, and b) provide training and other technical assistance to schools to implement the TfS program.
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The "Asthma Disease Management Resource Manual" was created to assist health care organizations and individual practitioners in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of asthma. The manual includes patient guidelines, checklists, treatment algorithms and therapy recommendations. Particular emphasis is given to patient self-care and monitoring, as well as the psychosocial factors that may have an
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The handbook "Asthma Management and the Allergist: Better Outcomes at Lower Cost" includes abstracted and summarized data documenting that treatment outcomes are better and costs are lower when allergists directly provide asthma care or coordinate a care team, compared to when an allergist is not involved.
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The Smokefree Apartment House Registry at provides a free listing of non-smoking apartments which are located in non-smoking buildings. There is also information for landlords and tenants about the legality of non-smoking residential buildings. The service is free.
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The Asthma Basics for Children program is designed to help early childhood educators and parents of children under age 7 learn to manage asthma. Program materials include a separate handbook and curriculum for educating parents and early childhood educators. The Instructor's Guide contains both curricula and the two handbooks cover the basics of asthma management along with practical activities f
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This 3-D animated video helps adolescents and children cope with asthma and comply with treatment. Entertaining and motivating. Covers the nature of asthma, warning signs, triggers, and self-management.
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Clearinghouse of free downloadable fact sheets, guides, and reports on healthy school environments, offers information and referral to parents,personnel, and schools nationwide on common environmental concerns: IAQ, IPM, Molds, environemnt committees, high performance design, renovation and health, and other issues.
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