The 2019 application period is closed.

You may apply online or by mail. At any time prior to submitting the application, you may change your choice of submission method. 

A complete application consists of:

  • Cover page.
  • Responses to the three application sections (not to exceed 5,000 words total or 10 pages, single spaced).
  • OPTIONAL: Supplemental materials to provide additional support for the information in your application (not to exceed 5 pages; must be submitted either as 5 separate PDF files totaling 1 page each OR 1 PDF file totaling 5 pages).

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Resources Available to Help You


How to Effectively Tell Your Story

In the application, tell the best story you can about your comprehensive asthma management program. Your story must address the following three sections outlined in the Application Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria:

  • Comprehensive Asthma Management.
  • Getting Results—Evaluation
  • Sustainability

Applications will be reviewed by a panel composed of federal and non-federal representatives with expertise in asthma care, health care policy, quality of care and economics. In making award decisions, the panel will use the Evaluation Criteria. Carefully consider the evaluation criteria that the review panel will use to evaluate your application, and where possible, reference the criterion that a specific section of your story addresses. Include features of your program that are unique, innovative or creative or that otherwise distinguish your program from others. You may receive bonus points for distinguishing program features. Examples of distinguishing program features are included in the evaluation criteria.

To help the review panel recognize the elements that you think most contribute to your program’s success, call attention to key themes, critical moments, and turning points by including particularly powerful quotes from program staff or people with asthma, emphasizing key terms, or using headings in your text to call attention to specific information. Remember to demonstrate not only what you did, but how you did it and the effect of your actions.