Area 2: Getting Results—Evaluation

This section of your application, worth 15 points in total, addresses how you capture and evaluate your comprehensive asthma care outcomes, and includes the results you have achieved and can demonstrate. Applicants with only qualitative data, such as anecdotal evidence of results, will receive partial credit. 

Area 2: Getting Results—Evaluation (15 points)

Application Guidelines Evaluation Criteria
  • Discuss the measures your program tracks, including process measures, health outcome measures, and costs.

  • Describe how you and your key partners in care delivery track asthma patients (e.g., through an asthma registry) to collect and analyze information on diagnoses, treatments, referrals, interventions, health care utilization, quality of life, and cost of care outcomes.

  • If you have data specific to the effectiveness of in-home environmental interventions, include this information.

  • Describe in detail any results you attribute to your environmental asthma management activities.

  • Discuss how you use outcomes data inside your organization and externally.

  • Describe any results you can demonstrate in addressing your community’s asthma disparities.

  • Describe in detail your asthma care system’s approach to tracking program-wide costs and savings, and any return on investment attributable to comprehensive asthma care.

  • The applicant demonstrates that it tracks process measures to assess care delivery, such as primary and specialty visit rates, and appropriate medication use.

  • The applicant demonstrates that it tracks health outcomes measures, such as reduced urgent care utilization and increased symptom-free days.

  • The applicant demonstrates a system is in place to continuously capture evaluation data and results and that data drives care delivery and improvement over time.

  • The applicant has program cost data and some return on investment analysis for its comprehensive asthma care delivery, such as an average healthcare cost savings per participant receiving the most intensive asthma care services.

  • The applicant can demonstrate improved health outcomes against baseline.

  • The applicant can demonstrate improved process and health outcomes attributable to management of indoor environmental determinants of health in asthma care.


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