Brenda Pillors Asthma Education Program

Long Island University, 1 University Plaza Long Island University, 9 Hanover Place
11201 Brooklyn , NY
New York

Program Type:

Community, Non-profit, University


James Mantle
The Brenda Pillors Asthma Education Program is a community-based program serving Brooklyn, New York, that provides services free of charge to members of the community who need greater control over their asthma.

The Brenda Pillors Asthma Education Program is a free, community-based asthma education outreach program serving Brooklyn, New York. Our mission is to provide services which result in better breathing for all in the community. The program is administered by Long Island University School of Health Professions, utilizing university staff and resources, in conjunction with health professionals from outside the university. The program strives to honor the memory of Brenda Pillors, who, during her lifetime, fought for equality in health care and sought to bring health care to those most in need.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide services to members of the community who need greater asthma control and create effective partnerships with these individuals to decrease their asthma symptoms.
  • Develop web-based resources that provide:
    access to information about asthma-related services in the New York City region,
    cultural perspectives on asthma and its treatment,
    the efficacy of complimentary therapies used for asthma treatment.
  • Improve the knowledge and skills of community health workers and of future asthma educators who are enrolled in health-related professions.
  • Develop a business case to demonstrate that paying for integrated pest management (IPM) is cost effective for managed health plans.