indoor air remediation

We are trying to partner funding for resources we've developed to deploy a demonstration project

that recruits respiratory discharged referrals from hospitals, tests their home air, installs a whole house energy recovery ventilator (ERV), retests and reports. We also do Healthy Homes education and referral as needed, and HEPA vac the home. The ERV removes polluted air 2-3 times per day, reduces moisture, filters and provides fresh air while capturing the energy of the outgoing air. Our cost per home is under $3000.  We also partner with Wx programs so we can add energy efficiency to the mix.

This program improves convalescence and comfort, reduces re-admissions and healthcare costs, and provides a permanent solution to air quality issues.

We want to be a qualified community preventative services provider by Med/Med

We want to partner with a health association or service that has health care standing/ experience

We want to get approval of ERVs as durable medical devices by Med/Med