Culture Clues™

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Patient and Family Centered Care and Education

Culture Clues™ are tip sheets for clinicians, designed to increase awareness about concepts and preferences of patients from the diverse cultures served by University of Washington Medical Center. Culture Clues™ serve as a guide to improve clinicians’ understanding of their patients’ and families’ perspectives of their health care experience. Culture Clues™ cover:

• Perception of Illness
• Patterns of Kinship and Decision Making
• Norms about Touch

Titles include: African American Culture, Albanian Culture, American Indian and Alaska Native Culture, Chinese Culture, Deaf Culture, Hard of Hearing Culture, Korean Culture, Latino Culture, Russian Culture, Somali Culture and Vietnamese Culture. Also available are three End-of-Life Culture Clues, for Latino, Russian and Vietnamese cultures.

Every person is unique; always consider the individual’s beliefs, needs, and concerns. Use Culture Clues™ and information from the patient and family to guide your communication and your patient care.

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