Conducting a Successful Intervention



That’s what I would tell other community health centers. It’s really a very win-win situation for you, and your community, and your patients. – CFO CHAMPS Intervention Site

Criteria for Success

The most direct measure of success in the CHAMPS intervention is an improvement in patient asthma health outcomes. This is measured by comparing results of the Asthma Symptoms and Utilization (ASU):Baseline questionnaire at the first patient visit with the results of the ASU: Follow-up questionnaire at the 6-month and 12-month visit.


The CHAMPS intervention can also lead to many other direct and indirect improvements in your patients and practice, such as:

  • Greater patient engagement – Families demonstrate a willingness to take an active role in managing their asthma, which leads to proactive (preventative) rather than reactive disease management.
  • Improved asthma knowledge throughout the practice – Physicians and care teams provide the highest quality, guidelines-based care for asthma.
  • Asthma Counselor certification – Asthma Counselors pursue formal certification, which bolsters their practice's credibility as an asthma care leader.
  • Practice recognition – Practices gain positive publicity by highlighting their efforts to improve asthma in their community via the CHAMPS intervention.


Preparing for Success

A variety of factors influence the success of an intervention like CHAMPS. In general, the CHAMPS intervention is most likely to be successful when the following elements are in place at your practice:


  • CHAMPS Implementation Team and an Asthma Champion.
  • Supportive and engaged leaders and health care staff at all levels in the practice. Learn more about engaging leaders in this brief CHAMPS e-Learning video.
  • Effective mechanisms for internal communications within care teams (horizontal) and across all levels of the organization (vertical).
  • Team members with content expertise, credibility with patients and providers, direct lines to leadership, decision-making authority, and developed external networks.
  • Balance between quality-care and business interests.
  • Plan for identifying barriers to success and developing plans for overcoming them.

Refer to the Essential Elements of Success section of the Manual for more information about how you can ensure the CHAMPS intervention is a successful program at your practice.


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