Conducting a Cost-Effective Intervention

Demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of evidence-based asthma counseling interventions is essential for the practices that adopt them and for the larger policy environment in which they do business.


Sustaining an intervention like CHAMPS requires financial resources, in addition to an engaged staff and leadership. For long-term sustainability, practices may wish to engage in a dialogue with health plans and state payers about amending current billing practices to cover these types of services or to bundle payments. However, the specific payer-practice relationship may vary widely within states and across states based on multiple factors, including state reimbursement policies and Medicaid agency regulations. Practices may wish to pursue other types of funding either to start or to continue this type of intervention. 


For more details on sustainable funding models at all levels (federal, state, and local) refer to the Sustainable Funding Models section of the Manual. Also refer to the Value Proposition resources available on


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