The Society for Allergy-Friendly Environmental (SAFE) Gardening

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Vicki Stover
SAFE Gardening is the only non-profit organization in the country, and the world, to use the science-based OPALS® allergy scale to create allergy/asthma-fighting landscapes in public spaces as early intervention for allergies and asthma; SAFE Gardening focuses entirely on improving human health and quality of living through better, science-based landscaping practices to intelligently prevent allergy and asthma triggers from being incorporated into the urban environment in the first place.

The Society for Allergy-Friendly Environmental (SAFE) Gardening was established in 2013, and is headquartered in the state of California.  Its mission is to provide an alternative landscaping practice that prevents the highly allergenic landscapes all too commonly found in the urban environment today.  It does so by providing leadership and building cooperative partnerships in allergy-friendly gardening; improving public awareness and education about allergy-fighting gardening and its roles in the environment; and, finally, by coordinating actions and soliciting cooperation and funding from government, the private sector, communities, groups, associations and individuals in support of allergy-friendly gardening and education of the public.