Asthma Environmental Interventions for School-Based Health Centers: CASE STUDIES AUGUST 2017

Sponsoring Program Name: 
Regional Asthma Management & Prevention (RAMP)

These case studies highlight 10 school-based health centers across the country that have led interventions aimed at reducing exposure to environmental asthma triggers. The case studies are titled the following:

  • Addressing Asthma and Air Pollution: How one School-Based Health Center in Los Angeles County partnered with bus drivers to reduce air pollution
  • Empowering Students to Reduce Environmental Asthma Triggers in their Homes 
  • Managing Asthma Triggers from School to the Home: How One School-Based Health Center is Educating a School Community
  • Incorporating Environmental Asthma Trigger Information into the Electronic Medical Record: How a system-wide change resulted from one Nurse Practitioner’s efforts to better educate patients and families
  • A Patient-Centered Approach to Reducing Asthma Triggers at School and Home
  • Addressing a Hidden Asthma Trigger through an Innovative Partnership 
  • Controlling Asthma in the Port Chester Community: How one School-Based Health Center network transformed a community
  • Managing and Preventing Asthma among Uninsured Children: How one School-Based Health Center in Nevada is solving the problem
  • Addressing Asthma and Air Pollution: How the West Oakland Middle School Health Center launched a comprehensive asthma program
  • Leveraging Medicaid Delivery System Reform to Improve Asthma Management: The story of a network of 20 School-Based Health Centers in Texas
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