Home Visits And Iaq Assessment - Indoor Environmental Assessment

01) I work with Environmental Eco Solutions,  am a professinoal trained in Computer Sciences. My core expertise is Manging Operations and my field of knowledge is Risk Management , in particular Indoor Enviroment. IAQ. In my experience assessing Indoor Environments I found out that in fact the indoor's VOCs and indoor conditions are drastically and with no doubt determining people's curent and future quality of life. When assessig IAQ we aim to assure a sounded indoor air quality, which is the result of the the several micro system combined in the building itself . 

02) We definitely agree that there are higher chances of exposure to IAQ heath perils for finacialy distressed families. Such exposure seems to have a greater inpact in children and elderly. 

03) I am so eager to assist and putting hands together in order to bring resources to the children for them to have an opoortunity of a healthy life and thus to their best potential in their future. I belive that all opportunities start with the opporunity to a healthy living condition.

I aks for direction and/or references and/or partnerships in order to work on this vision. 

Thank you.