school districts with high asthma rates

I am a nurse researcher who is seeking school district collaborators to help examine a mobile health application specifially designed for children with asthma (ages 7-13 years) and children of families who need resources and support to help manage their child's asthma. The school districts role is to allow school nurses to identify children with asthma and then the school nurse uses the app IF SHE WISHES.

I am located in TN so my priority is TN school districts but I would be delighted to work with any school district with a particularly high prevalence rate of childhood asthma regardless of the type of community--rural, suburban, inner city. If you are interested or you know others who are leaders in their school district with an interest in enhancing childhood asthma care, please contact me.

Asthma Care Advocate,

Tami H Wyatt, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
Associate Dean of Resarch, Professor
University of Tennessee, Knoxville