Wisconsin Department of Health Services' Asthma Program

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Asthma Program provides leadership and coordination for asthma care and service-delivery statewide. While serving nearly 6 million state residents, activities focus on disproportionately affected populations including children, low-income, and racial and ethnic minorities. The Wisconsin Asthma Program is distinguished by its strong partnerships with community organizations and innovative projects including the Asthma-Safe Homes Program, the result of a successful collaboration with Medicaid to provide sustainable asthma funding. This program builds upon a pilot home-visiting program and demonstrated a successful return-on investment of $2.34 for every $1 spent, as well as a 45% reduction in asthma-related emergency department visits and an 88% reduction in asthma hospitalizations. The Wisconsin Asthma Program has led the nation in infrastructure development with its successful statewide asthma coalition. In partnership with the Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition develops the state’s asthma plan and brings together strategic partners including environmental experts, healthcare providers, schools, state and local government, and members of tribal communities. Through the development, implementation, and evaluation of the asthma plan activities, the Wisconsin Asthma Program successfully delivers high quality asthma care by building strong community ties, integrating health care services, and tailoring environmental interventions. 

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