EMPOWER: Using Music to Teach and Inspire Healthy Behaviors

Sponsoring Program Name: 
Hip Hop Public Health and National Environmental Education Foundation

cartoon of two young people with the word EMPOWER between them

Using music to teach and inspire healthy behaviors, Hip Hop Public Health, the globally award-winning nonprofit co-founded by renowned neurologist, Dr. Olajide Williams and hip hop icon Doug E. Fresh, has joined forces with the National Environmental Education Foundation to create a dynamic educational multimedia collection called EMPOWER. Comprising eight original songs and animated videos, EMPOWER aims to inspire young people with asthma to take charge of their health with evidence-based, self-management skills.

At its core, EMPOWER embodies an acronym of the key components critical to living with and managing asthma:

  • Environment: Understanding its role in asthma triggers. 
  • Medication: The importance of regular and correct usage. 
  • Plan: Crafting a strategy to manage and mitigate symptoms. 
  • Open communication: Building bridges with healthcare professionals and loved ones. 
  • Well-being: Prioritizing holistic health, both mental and physical. 
  • Extinguish: The need to eliminate cigarettes and e-cigarettes. 
  • Resilience: Cultivating the strength to face challenges head-on. 

Each 60-second track and animated music video focuses on one of these elements, featuring the talents of emerging artists rapper Devin Cheff and singer Heaven White, under the guidance of multi-platinum producer and composer Q. Worthy, who co-wrote the tracks with BJ Gray and Devin Cheff.  

Visit the EMPOWER website to view the resources.

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