CHAMP - Childrens' Home Asthma Management Program

501 13th St. NW Linn County Public Health
52405-3700 Cedar Rapids , IA

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Ruby Perin
(319) 892-6000
CHAMP - Children's Home Asthma Management Program. Asthma education & in home environmental assessment

Two visits are conducted with either an asthma educator or respiratory therapist. The educator and respiratory therapist work with families to ensure asthma action plans are filled out and asthma medication is properly used with correct doses. An Indoor Air Quality Assessment is conducted at the first visit through the local public health department by a Certified Healthy Home Specialist at which time asthma triggers are identified and recommendations are made for correction. In addition to identifying asthma triggers the Healthy Home Specialist will discuss Radon and provide a radon test kit as Iowa is known for radon levels in excess of EPA recommmended mitigation level. The Healthy Home Specialist will also discuss lead-based paint and encourage blood lead screening. A Q-Track meter is used to record relative humidity, carbon monoxide, temperature, and carbon dioxide. As some indoor air quality issues can be addressed through housing code, like water intrusion, mold, mechanical ventilation, occupancy loads, pest control, etc.. we work with local housing authority where appropriate to mitigate housing defeciencies. Additionally, moisture meters are used to identify substrates with high moisture content that may surpport mold growth.