West Virginia Asthma Coalition

415 Dickinson Street American Lung Association in West Virginia
25301 Charleston , WV
West Virginia

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Megan Moore
The West Virginia Asthma Coalition (WVAC) is a group of more than 80 organizations and individuals working together to reduce the burden of asthma-related illnesses in the state through a comprehensive public health approach.

The West Virginia Asthma Coalition was formed by the West Virginia Asthma Education and Prevention Program (AEPP) and is currently facilitated by a partnership between AEPP and the American Lung Association in West Virginia (ALAWV). AEPP is solely funded by a cooperative grant agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which provides funding for WVAC meetings and activities.

WVAC is comprised of five (5) subcommittees:

■Clinical Asthma Management
■Community Outreach and Education
■Data Sharing
■Environmental Action
■Schools and Pediatrics

WVAC is governed by an Executive Committee which includes annually elected subcommittee chairs, the WVAC President, Vice President, and the AEPP Program Manager, and the ALA-WV Asthma Coalition Manager. The WVAC President, Vice President and subcommittee chairs are elected annually in September by a majority vote.

The WVAC subcommittees focus on implementing projects that will help achieve the goals addressed in The Strategic Plan for Addressing Asthma in West Virginia.

Goals of the WVAC:
1.Help everyone understand the seriousness of asthma.
2.Promote and ensure the appropriate diagnosis and management of asthma by health care professionals.
3.Encourage patients with asthma--regardless of income, color, gender, creed, language or disability-- to enter into a continuum of care by facilitating access to care.
4.Provide the latest information on asthma health, medication and medical treatment.
5.Improve the quality of life for the patients with asthma.