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Joel Stokka
Project "AIR" is a Minnesota Pilot Project to provide community asthma epi-data, resources and develop local/state coalitions.



Welcome to the Minnesota American Indian Asthma Network!

In 2009, Unity Healthnet, Inc. in partnership with the Minnesota
State Health Department embarked on a mission to improve the health and
wellness of American Indians in Minnesota who have asthma and to address
disparities among Minnesota's American Indian population. There are
indications that the burden of asthma is high in Minnesota's American
Indian population based on data from the Minnesota Student Survey and
the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

In 2010, The Minnesota American Indian Asthma Network was formed as a
conduit to provide all Minnesota tribal and nonprofit health
departments needed resources that have been identified from a year long
community needs assessment and planning initiative. Based on this
assessment the Minnesota American Indian Asthma Network has developed
the following goals:


  • Determine the best methods for
    conducting asthma education to improve asthma self-management and raise
    community awareness about asthma.
  • Identify care providers
    interested in serving as asthma champions within their communities and
    to help develop internal Asthma Teams within each community.
  • Explore sources of asthma data in order to better document asthma prevalence among American Indians in Minnesota. 


Unity Healthnet, Inc. is a Minnesota Indian owned and operated
non-profit corporation serving Minnesota tribal communities to help them
expand their health services and programs. Unity Healthnet, Inc will be
responsible for facilitating communication within the network and
sharing education and awareness resources with all network partners.

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Phone: (218) 330-3454