Champions Indoor Air Quality III

Campus Central Gurabo
00778 Caguas, Gurabo, Las Piedras , PR
Puerto Rico

Program Type:


Population Served:

  • Hispanic

Area Served:

  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • Low-Income
  • Minority


Sherley Ann Franceschini Torres
The program is working to reduce absenteeism among asthmatic students

The IAQ/TFS Champions III provide continuation to Universidad del Turabo efforts in the prevention of asthma in the schools in Puerto Rico. The project's activities and material development have been based on the training and website created by the EPA-IAQ TFS kit and the New Jersey Asthma Coalition. The materials have been adapted to the tropical environment of Puerto Rico and the corresponding schools' environment. The project's objective is to create an asthma friendly environment, as well as asthma educated persons at schools through the creation of IAQ Champions in 48 schools per year in four years, forty the second year , for a grand total of 184 schools.

The project promotes the creation of kids clubs in public schools in Puerto Rico where students learn about IAQ through conferences, plays, and readings and they educate other kids and their parents. IAQ-TFS trainings, as well as educational conferences, are held for all the teachers in participant schools. Similar activities are prepared for the parents and interested community. Teachers will further assist in reducing toxic indoor air triggers through collaborative action both at the school and at the community level by forming and institutionalizing an IAQ Champions team in each school. These champions will conduct outreach to the students and their families.

The participant school personnel are committed to the following:

  • Create an IAQ team for the school or kids clubs
  • Design and implement an IAQ plan for the school
  • Disseminate IAQ in the school
  • Participate in follow up activities
  • Participate in evaluation activities

All activities are coordinated by

  • Teresa Lipsett (Project Manager East Region)
  • Luz Stella Betancourt (Coordinator in the East Region of Puerto Rico)
  • Sherley Ann Franceschini Torres (Student Leader EKOLOG Club in the East Region of Puerto Rico)