Asthma Program

3200 Canyon Lake Dr.
57702 Rapid City , SD
South Dakota

Program Type:

Government, Tribal


Catherine Jeffries
The Asthma Program aims to reduce asthma exacerbation, ER visits, and missed school and work days from asthma by educating families through home and asthma clinic visits.

Goal is to reduce asthma exacerbations, ER visits and missed school and work days. This can be accomplished by educating the families through home visits and asthma clinic visits. We had an incentive program which motivates people to learn all more about asthma as it affects their family, as well as their community. We haven't had too many activities except for the clinic and the one-on-one home visits. We had three asthma patients, ages 9-11, attend Camp Foster asthma camp in Iowa in June of 2006. All three went on a scholarship and immensely enjoyed their experience. They were presented with a certificate of appreciation commending them for their attendance.

I also volunteered at the American Indian Relief Council so to get these patients some incentives as AIRC quit giving us incentives.