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Teresa Morrison
The CDC Asthma Program aims to support the management of asthma nationwide and is composed of three main components: surveillance, science-based interventions, and partnerships.

There are 3 Components to the CDC Asthma Program:
Science-based interventions

Starting in 1999, CDC began funding State Health Departments to develop and implement programs to address asthma from a public health perspective within their states
For two years, focus of awards was solely on planning/building state capacity
Starting in 2001, the program moved to a two-phase award process for capacity building and implementation (Part A and B)
States funded for planning were required to:
develop asthma surveillance capacity
develop a statewide asthma coalition
through that coalition, write and obtain approval for a State Asthma Plan
States funded for implementation are required to:
Maintain/improve asthma surveillance capacity
Maintain/improve state coalition
Implement interventions described in the State Asthma Plan
Evaluate program