Boston Public Health Commission

Asthma Prevention and Control Program 1010 Massachusetts Ave., 2nd floor
02130 Boston , MA

Program Type:


Population Served:

  • White
  • African American
  • Hispanic

Area Served:

  • Urban
  • Low-Income
  • Minority


Margaret Reid
The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is the health department for the city of Boston. The BPHC started the asthma program in 1998. Program efforts are designed to: increase access to quality medical care, ensure access to community based resources, track and monitor asthma trends, eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in asthma, increase public awareness of asthma, and promote policies to support the prevention and control of asthma.

The Boston Public Health Commission convenes the Boston Asthma Home Visit Collaborative which supports a system of standardized asthma home visits conducted by trained community health workers with extensive language capacity.

The Commission also manages Boston Breathe Easy at Home with Boston Inspectional Services Department. Breathe Easy at Home is a web based referral system allowing busy clinicians in clinical sites to make on-line referrals for home inspections for their Boston patients with asthma. The referring clinician also receives periodic updates on the status  of the case.  

The BPHC Asthma Prevention and Control Program participates in multiple local and statewide coalitions and research efforts. The Program currently has a Massachusetts Department of Public Health grant through the Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust. Through this grant the program is working with seven health centers to increase capacity to provide targeted services to high risk asthma patients and to better coordinate care and information for these patients with public schools and with Boston Head Starts. The Program also monitors and shares health data and uses this health data to assure access to programs and services to Boston’s neighborhoods and racial and ethnic communities most affected by asthma. The Asthma Program is within the Division of Healthy Homes and Community Supports at the Boston Public Health Commission and coordinates within the Division to reduce tobacco exposure, obesity and other environmental exposures that impact asthma.