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DC launched its first-ever standard Asthma Action Plan form for children and adults developed collaboratively by members of NCAC’s Health Services & Quality Improvement Committee, piloted at Children’s National Medical Center, and endorsed by the DC Department of Health. The form includes copies to share with schools, childcare providers, nursing homes, and other caregivers. It also fulfills t
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BrainPOP's Asthma movie features Tim and Moby and discusses the facts of Asthma, what causes Asthma and how to cope with Asthma if you have it. It is an educational resource that is used in Health classes nation-wide.
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CDC's Resources for Addressing Asthma in Schools provides a list of CDC and other federal and nonfederal publications and website links for addressing asthma in schools. This list provides valuable resources, but it is not intended to be exhaustive.
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Interactive data base with asthma prevalence, hospitalization and mortality data available. Custom tables can be built using a variety of variables (e.g., age, race, sex, region)
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National data on childhood asthma prevalence, health care use, and mortality by race/ethnicity and age group, 1980-2005
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AOEC provides educational modules on various aspects of occupational and environmental asthma
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