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An exhibition that examines the history of asthma, the experiences of people with asthma, and contemporary efforts to understand the disease.
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The AAAAI provides patient education information through its Web site, Information is also available for health care providers. Additional education materials are available for purchase.
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Baseline questionnaire identifies the participant current asthma control and symptoms status as well as quaility of life. The Home Environment Checklist identifies asthma triggers within the participant's home.
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This is a user's guide for a validated survey instrument to be used in assessing the effectiveness of coalitions, partnerships, etc. from the perspective of members. It has been used extensively in evaluating programs that use coalitions, including Allies Against Asthma. It can be adapted. The user's manual provides detailed information on the development and administration of the instrument.
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A Manual for Effective Community Health Coalitions. A research-based resource for people who serve on, staff, or fund community health coalitions. Note: It was originally printed, and has now been scanned. It is too big to transfer electronically so we have created and distribute a CDROM.
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