No Bus Idling Procedures

I was really interested in how you did a air particulate study during bus idling. Is there a way that your study findings can be shared? And, if so, once you had the findings, who and how did you present them to the school board in order to implement such a policy.

Thank you!

Yes! I would love the bus idling research and your method of presenting them as well.



I would also like to know if the American Lung Association has developed a national plan based on the work done in NJ?  

We used a particulate counter. It did not specify the different types of particulates, but the total count. The Richomond County School Board was on board from the start with the project and chose the five chools in the study for us. We measured particulate counts on three days before during and after buses arrived and kept track of how many buses were idling and for how long. We made our presentatio to the school board. They were very proactive and started implementing policies. I can send you an abstract I presented to the AARC. Please send me your information to