Certified Asthma Educator

How can a health educator qualify to sit for the Certified Asthma Educator exam? How is it possible for us to give 1000 hours of one on one asthma education? All of my education is done in group settings (Open Airways with American Lung Assocation, etc)

I have ALOT of experience with asthma and various medication and treatment plans since I have asthma as well as all three of my children (who have been hospitalized 12 times for asthma) That's what my life has revolved around the last 12 years.

Now that I am a Certified Health Education Specialist, how can I purse a Certified Asthma Educator designation?




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I am not a cerified asthma educator but the information is at http://naecb.com/

They should be able to answer your questions.