Local health dept reimbursement for home visiting services

Anyone aware of models for local health depts to pursue reimbursement for asthma education through home visiting? It is difficult to get credentialed by the Medicaid MCO's as a health dept. Any suggestions from CMS staff on some avenues to pursue this.


I am not aware off hand of models of local health departments being reimbursed for asthma education and home visits in particular. Some local health departmens to recieve reimbursement from Medicaid for providing medical services more generally. We'll follow up if we find some examples for you.

I would suggest checking with the Boston Public Health Commission as they are a health department with a well fleshed out model:


This is a great website with appropriate info. Thanks!

We do asthma education but can't be reimbursed for education through targeted case management.  So we have to include TCM allowable services in our visits when we do asthma education.  We get reimbursed but not for the education we provide.