What percentage of clients offered the service participated in either program

Peggy - I have this data but I need to look at my data and follow up later.  We definately had a large number of clients that we were unable to reach or declined after referrals were made.  Better follow through if referrals came from the medical provider.  

We have experienced similar outcomes in our healthy homes asthma service. We initially recruited through nieighborhood health fairs and events, but had very poor completion rate from these clients and we ceased this recruiting method.

I would like to learn more on how to inlcude families that are frequent ER/hospital users and who decline in-home asthma services even when we offer free resources such as encasings and vacuum cleaner (we don't advertise the free resources, but occaisionally will mention them at screening/enrollment). 

80 to 85 % participated once we were able to get the referral

about 3 percnet declined

about 5 percent we were unable to contact

and 7% withdrew after one visit.