Which 3 states already have reimbursement for assessing 2nd residence/daycare/school?

23% (3 of 13) respondents already cover assessments of 2nd residence, daycare, and school in the statisitcs today.  Which states are they?

Thanks.  John Shaw

Delaware, North Carolina aand Oregon.  More details can be found by clicking on each state here:


Thank, you, Amanda.  Wish me luck on getting New York to do so now.

John Shaw

Could you please email me the presentation at sandy.martin@ky.gov.  My system would not allow access to the website. I did listen via phone.


Sandra, I think EPA will be sharing the presentation and recording in the coming week.  Please feel free to email me at areddy@nchh.org if you have trouble accessing the slides.

John, best of luck in New York and please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have questions or want to talk through any of your strategies.