Asthma Awareness Month - Outreach

I wanted to share with others how our certified asthma educators conduct outreach during asthma awareness month.  They hold seminars at the schools and libraries in the community.  We have found it to be quite successful.

Asthma Awareness Month is critical to promoting asthma awareness in our communities.  Does anyone have ideas on how best to target inner city communities that may not have access to media outlets?

Our Region 9 outreach coordinators have found success in targeting community churches.

We rely on community health workers - they have a wide reach, and are often the first line of communication to this population sector.

We (Clean Air Council) have also had some success with churches. 

We've also worked with governmental and privately-owned community health centers holding tabling events, offering workshops for families and health care professionals.

During April, May and June (The Asthma Link Line) presented "A is for Asthma" workshops for preschoolers and inservices for staff. It was very successful. Also this month we had the opportunity to do asthma presentations for students in summer day camps and  a parent meeting  The information was well received.

In the past, we went to targeted daycares.