User Driven Asthma Action Plans?

Asthma Action Plans are useful tools for all stakeholders, but frequently are designed by health practitioners rather than users (person with Asthma, parent, Community Health Worker,  school nurse, teacher, etc.)  Does anyone have some research or AAPs designed with significant input from users (w links)?

El Rio used both English and Spanish versions of a written Asthma Action Plan.  These were customized to include the names of the most commonly used controller medications in our community.  With pre-printed medication names, they were much more readable than hand-written forms.  These were well-received by patients and families, likely because they were reviewed in exhaustive detail by the asthma counselors, i.e. the imperfections of the form were made up for by the skills of the asthma counselors.

Great question!

Actually the CHAMPs intervention encourages the asthma counselor to tailor the AAP to the patient specific needs. In the patient assesment and leater on the first asthma counselor intervention you get the conversation started on what times are better for the patient and the caregiver to have a better medication adherence. But that conversation also works to analize if the device (inhaler,Diskus,Respimat, Ellipta) is best suited for that patient specific needs. So you tailor that AAP on so many different levels, but the conversation on the first visit is important. We work on that on the green zone. For the yellow and red zone we personally focus on the EPR3 guidelines for asthma on page 57 of the summary report.

For the links on tailored APP research. I will look for those links and post them later on. So keep up following forum.

Thanks for you interest in CHAMPS