What questions do you have about the Action Plan?

What questions do you have about the Action Plan?

We really need research showing what model of home environmental assessment is most effective at the lowest cost so that payers know be willing to pay and have an idea as to costs. A study needs to be done with potentially three tiers of programs.

From Paul Williams, American Medical Association


Regarding Strategy #2: We consistently see community sports programs insisting on practicing and competing during poor air quality days. These programs reach tens of thousands (if not millions) of young children where their lung development is vulnerable. Are there any programs that are reaching out to these community groups and organizations?

From Pamela Luna, Consultant

How is the air cleaner by FEMA with Chasesmith@fema.gov or paul@fema.gov

This air cleaner patent does not close the lung but incourages independant breathing not with oxygen force.