Emergency Preparedness - No Nebulizer Access

From Connie Carcel -

As part of Emergency Preparedness, evacuating the school - you may not have access to use a nebulizer - do you use Spacer with Albuterol MDI 4-6 puffs for an acute asthma episode?  Every student should have a valve holding spacer with their Albuterol MDI &  Asthma Action Plan.(Helpful for Teacher substitutes who don't knwo these students)

This is an educational opportunity for both the schools and the PMD. Children and caregivers should be taught both ways of administering their rescue medications. " Power" will not always be available....even if a child is not at school. To help address this we bring this up to the families,PMD's, schools,daycares,etc. What are your options if this happens... and how will you handle it?

We provide on a limited basis spacers and masks to schools.

The goal is that every child have their personal inhaler /VHS on campus.  In the event of lack of individual medication (due to costs) on campus or non response to MDI we use the nebulizer protocol. We do not have a protocol in place to use a 'campus' MDI.  (cost prohibited).  In the event a school is evacuated, if this occurs during school hours and child is not released to parent/home, they would go to another nearby campus, where they could utilize that campuses nebulizer.