Addressing Outdoor Air Quality

From Isa Perry -

Do any of the programs address outdoor air quality (PM2.5)? What partnerships are in place for discussions about the impact of outdoor air quality on asthma?  

We incorporate several things.  I would recommend using the Tools for Schools program for educational and resource materials.   We have anti-idling police for our buses, Green patrol program (anti-idling for parents), preventive maintanence of filters (facilities), fresh air guidelines (HVAC).  We also utilize the Airnow website as a resource/ALA state of the air application

Partner with your city or county.IN Greenville SC, the city council  in November 2006  banned smoking in public places. In July 2011,the city council approved revisions to the plan and advised that children's playgrounds and parks were no longer acceptable places to smoke.

I agree with the above post about using Tools for schools. Increase awareness .