How are CHWs trained in case management for Healthy Homes program?

Please comment on the training that CHWs and Nurses receive to be trained in the case management of the healthy homes program. Did CHWs receive reimbursement? If so, I am interested in how this was presented to Medicaid so that the non-licesed health professionals were reimbursed.

Initially, we trained Community Health Workers and nurses in case management using our exisiting nurses through a training we developed.  Additionally we trained staff on Motivational Interviewing.  We also met weekly with staff to do case conferencing as a team.  And met one on one with staff to make sure that they were following up with their caseload in a timely manner.  

Would you define the per visit model and if certain CPT codes were used for the negotiated rate.

Originally the state wanted us to bill in 15 minute increments.  In order to bill we would have to provide a billable service in 15 minute increments.  That would have been very arduous for charting and billing.  We argued that this be billed on a per visit basis and I would strongly advocate for that approach.