Clarification on CAIR cost analysis

How long was the grant for the CAIR good for? I might have mis-read or mid-heard this part; Can you expand on the slide that indicated a $500,000+ cost savings (ER, Hosp. missed work days, etc.) ... it seemed like the grant was for 875,000 and trying to make sure I understand how that investment is justifiable.

I think the answer is that the $500,000 was an annual cost savings - just want to be sure I am understanding these numbers...




Sorry - too much info to cram into one slide.  The 875.000 is what we recieved from HUD for the 3 year grant.    The 500,000 savings in what we were able to estimate based on serving 153 children.  This was only estimating the savings in medical for the families that had nursing case management ( about 1/2 the families served through the grant)  There were additional saving from the grant beyond the medical savings.  Thanks, Kim