Retainment in HHP, supplies, and final survey

What is the completion rate for your enrolled families in the healthy homes asthma services that you offer?

Do you provide incentives to caregivers to finish the program?

Are the asthma trigger control supplies (ie. vacuum cleaner, mattress and pillow encasings, etc) provided to the family covered in the visit reimbursement as a recognized cost by the state medicaid program, or is this a separate reimbursement?

When/how do you collect the final survey data, such as during a home visit at six months or later? 

Out of the 363 families that were enrolled,, we were unable to reach 4%, 3% declined the program and 6 % (32 families)  withdrew after one visit and the rest completed the program.  86% or 312 families completed the program.

Out of Healthy Homes.  80% completed the program, 12 % withdrew, 5 % were unable to contact and 3% declined.