Align School and Health Care Delivery

Both: How do you get the school personnel engaged/cooperate with the health care delivery personnel?

Our asthma treatment plan is the communication tool between school nurses, health care providers and the family.  Our school nurses follow up with phone calls to health care providers when they have concerns.  Not sure if that answers your question.

We are having a difficult time to get the Asthma Action Plan/Treatment plan coordinated between the MD and the school (except for sites with a school-based clinic).  How can we better get both to same table?

Try to also adopt a universal asthma action plan with in your comunity or at least narrow it down to two types (low literacy or child friendly and the other with more detailed information on potential asthma triggers for patient families that prefer more detail). Your goal is to get the school and providers to use the same asthma action plan. You'd hate for families to be walking around with 5 different plans and getting confused or just deciding not to adhere to any of them. This is an actual senario that happened to one of our families after her son was admitted to the hospital and she was asked why she was not adhereing to her son's asthma action plan. She then pulled out 5 different ones and asked, "which one should I be following?" Communiites need to coordinate messaging and material! Or else it is a confusing mess for familles and then the result is the children end up suffering....physically, emotionally, and academically.