Examples of the business case

Can you provide an example of the local business case you used or would recommend to get buy-in and support from schools?

Some of the business case has to address health spending - the greatest dollar savings are from avoided hospital admissions and ER visits.

Saving parent time off from work is a value, but not to the school.

For the schools, the business case is

  • Better Student Attendence - some impact dependent on local school aid formula - some mentioned today
  • Better staff attendence (fewer substitutes) since enviornmental issues affect them as well
  • Better test scores - may have some $ impact depending on local school aid formula
  • Reallocate nurse time to prevention from treating asthma exacerbations
  • Best results with targeting - many communities (also mentioned today) are flagging all the hospital admissions and er visits as a clue to which students are uncontrolled to target more time intensive interventions.