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I work with the Clean Air for Kids program at the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in the State of Washington. The majority of our work is done utilizing home visits and our database is not quite up to snuff. We are starting to shop around for other databases and thought we would check and see what other programs are using. If you are willing, it would be helpful if you could share: what database you are using, how much it cost, what fields you can fill in, can it be used on a laptop/tablet, what are the pros and cons.

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Clean Air for Kids

Will you be using your database for research, at least in part? If so, redCap is available for free from Vanderbilt University.  It allows you to design your own database meaning you can choose what fields you want to include. And it can be used on a tablet. You use your own IT and administrative folks.  There are some requirements for hardware and your agency has to join as a consortium partner before you can use this free tool. [Joining is free, too; there is an end-user license agreement.)

You can check out more here:  Hope this helps!

Ellen O'Kelley, PNP-BC, AE-C (Vanderbilt Peds Pulm Division)

I do not know exactly what you are looking for but we have Genesis TPM Chronic Care Management program that is designed around the Asthma Control Test and the Asthma Action Paln. Check it out at

What is Genesis Total Patient Management Asthma Action Plan?
Genesis TPM’s Asthma Action Plan is a subscription-based interactive chronic disease portal designed around the Asthma Action Plan; where patients and caregivers are collaboratively linked, delivering a tool for the management of Asthma, putting the patient in charge of their condition, keeping them involved with their progress and keeping them healthy.  
The patient or guardian inputs data, and invites their caregiver(s) and schools to participate in their progress and well being, while educating themselves through our Genesis Learning Library on their condition, keeping abreast of medical breakthroughs that can affect them. 
- Historical reports and graphs are available to the patient and caregivers to assess progress and keep on track.
- When the patient is out of their recommended zones, alerts are sent to their primary Dr. to take action.  
- Genesis Learning Library keeps the patient educated and in touch with news and reviews
- GenesisTPM's Social Medical Network keeps the patient in touch with other members sharing common issues. 
GenesisTPM has recently added the digitized Asthma Control Test, Vital Sign Management, Prescription Management, Telemedicine Capabilities all linking to all your Doctors charts and the ability to share your thoughts with participating patients and your care team around the globe, through GenesisTPM's Social Medical Network.
All this can be achieved from where ever you, with an internet connection including your smart phone or tablet.  Designed for better patient management, creating a better quality of life for the patient, while reducing the cost of patient care.    
If you have any questions please contact Michael Laing at or 561-275-1701 at your convenience..

Just looked at the website, which clearly states "1 week free trial".