Effective Asthma Management in Schools

It is imperative to bring the school nurse into the fold, along along with the patients care team when managing asthmatic children. When the school nurse is empowered with real time evidence and now capable of helping the distressed child, absenteeism, lost work days and hospital visits are reduced, producing healthier, happy children while reducing costs.

Genesis Total Patient Management's (Genesistpm.com) Asthma Management programs are interactive evidenced based, designed to provide real time data, Telemedicine capabilities, prescription management tools and much more  to the school nurses as well as the complete care team. The beauty of Genesis Total Patient Managements programs are that there is no upfront fees, no outlandash monthly management fees and can be accessed by simply going on line, creating an account and adding your patients.

The more discussion and implementation of this very important element, the faster we are going to see the results we all are working towards.