Medicaid Coverage Asthma Home Visits

Is there criteria other than the diagnosis of asthma to be met for at home asthma services? Is it covered by Medicaid?

Criteria for in-home visits varies from program to program. As mentioned by Taney Simon, in DC the program is limited to homes with children 18 and younger or pregnant women. 

Some programs may be covered by Medicaid, others are funded through government programs or grant funding.  Check with your local program to see who and what is covered. 

National Center for Healthy Housing is a good place to start to find a program near you.

There is a full day cross-sector Summit hosted by Region 2 (EPA/HHS/HUD) on Sustainable Funding for In-Home Asthma Services in New York City tomorrow.  It is being videotaped, and will be available on-line within the next few weeks.  It explores "braided funding" from multiple sources including Medicaid, Commercial Health Plans, HUD, Social Impact Bonds, etc.and will focus on action steps.