How do I start?

I am an RN, school nurse and I would like to start to get more involved in my county. What kind of traning do I need in order to become a part of the process?

If you already have a home visit program then it is certainly worth approaching that program to let them know of your interest.  It would be most helpful to also receive training as a community health worker who can specifically conduct asthma home visits if that is your interest.  You can look up the Community Health Worker training resources that are listed on the site.  That would be a good place to start.  Your nursing experience would likely serve you quite well.  It's just a matter of understanding what programs exist in your county and connecting to them.  If you yourself don't want to conduct the visits you would potentially be a great referral resource.  I would find out what home visit services are available, who is eligible, how to make a referral.  As you see kids in school you might determine that they may benefit from the program and could make referrals to the programs on behalf of these families.  This would be valuable. 

Thank you for your question.