Income Eligibility?

Do you have an income requirement for a participant to be eligble for your program and at what point in the process do you verify income?

Boston does not have an income requirement.  They do, however, have to meet certain criteria for being referred to a home visit which can include any of the following:

¨Poorly-controlled persistent asthma   

¨Hospital admission for asthma exacerbation in last 12 months   

¨Repeated ER or urgent care visits for asthma in last 6 months   

¨Overuse of rescue medication in last 6 months

¨More than one course of oral steroids in last 6 months   

Concerns about home environmental triggers

Thank you for your question. 

No, DC's Department of Energy and Environment's program does not have an income requirement.  Our only criteria is that the District resident be living in a District home with a child 18 years or younger.  I hope this helps in some way. 

Thank you!