I work in a university hospital, and we have a very small clinic that operates with a very poor population. We have many schools that would benefit from having an outreach opportunity. What have been the best tools to get involved in the schools, and what kind of funding have you had?

Health Resources in Action, and our partners, have done work to promote (Asthma) Healthy Schools. A great tool is EPAs Tools for Schools


RAMP also has some resources.

They just published a tool for school-based-health-centers:

You need a clinician who is willing to staff and that clinician and you must have a collegial and good relationship with the school administration- and city public health/ administration, if the school is public.  We are working with an entrepenurial dentist who goes into the schools to provide dental care and will hire new clinical staff to expand services and address additional physical health care gaps for our members.  Permissions are challenging. Parents must give permission.  Administration must support.