Home Visits By Healthy Homes Evaluators In MO

I had heard that MO was also reimbursing for home visits conducted by Healthy Homes Evaluators, when requested by health care providers, when more is needed beyond a CHW

Can you provide more information? And thoughts on how and when such more detailed home assessments looking at building systems is warranted...



Ellen Tohn

Hi Ellen -- It's Kate. The MO SPA allows for a home visit by a state or nationally certified asthma educator and an in-home assessor. Two people on the vitis, but not CHWs, A-ECs. I do not know what happens if the home assessor finds the need for interventions beyond what the Medicaid money can cover. I know there is a referral system to send patients/homes for social services, but I do not know how expanded interventions would be financed. Kevin Kennedy would know.

Like other states, MO cannot guarentee that interventions what's covered by its plan will be made available to the child/family. But, we have found that case managers, local health departments are creative and make every effort to find resources for things like housing renovations/maintenance.

Ellen, please reach out to me and we can talk about the connection between CHWs and certified home environment assessment specialists.  There is a specific effort focused on home enviroment assessment by CHWs that is underway...and it's not necessarily tied to reimbursement.

_ Eric Armbrecht,

I'd like to add to this question. We want to get more home contractors certified to the BPI Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) certification, which deals with issues such as asthma prevention.

I'm looking into this topic of Medicaid reimbursing healthy home assessments in certain states. That would help encourage more home contractors to become BPI Healthy Home Evaluators.  Any in the community work directly with the home assessors?

(Ellen Tohn serves on BPI's Board and on our Healthy Housing Committee).